Large Water Transmission Main Projects

Halme Construction has, over multiple projects and years, replaced miles of old transmission mains with new pipelines. The transmission mains on these projects ranged from 18 inch ductile iron pipe to 48 inch ductile iron pipe. While some of these pipelines were outside of the roadway, there were many projects within tight neighborhoods and busy streets that required intensive public outreach and coordination.

Deep Sewer Pipeline Projects

Halme Construction has installed miles of sewer pipelines at challenging deeps. Some of our more challenging sewer projects include installing 48 inch pipe 30 feet deep next to and crossing live utilities. This project required extensive trench shoring efforts in non-cohesive soils.

Water Booster Stations

The City of Spokane contracted with Halme Construction to build a 5 pump 32,000 gallons per minute total capacity booster station to replace an old, out of date booster station. This project included large ductile iron piping both underground and above grade. This booster station services a large portion on the south hill in Spokane which required phased construction to eliminate any water supply downtime.

Rural Utility Projects

Halme Construction has contracted with local municipalities replacing aging water and sewer systems. These projects ranged from full systems replacements to new infrastructure development and treatment facilities.



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